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Concerta 54mg is a medication given to patients who have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD.




What Is Concerta 54mg/36mg/18mg?

Concerta 54mg is a medication given to patients who have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. It is effective because it can balance the brain’s naturally occurring neurotransmitters. When ADHD patients begin their treatment, it can help them pay attention, stay focused, organize tasks, improve listening skills, control behavior problems and more.

Concerta 54mg Long-Term Effects

Long-term side effects of chronic Concerta misuse can include confusion, hallucinations, delirium and toxic psychosis. Sleep deprivation and poor appetite may contribute to the development of hormone imbalances and a worsening of negative symptoms. Liver toxicity from Concerta use is rare. The chance of liver toxicity increases dramatically with patients who take large and frequent doses.Cessation of treatment can trigger withdrawals. Withdrawal symptoms can be minimized by gradually decreasing doses over the course of a week or longer. Withdrawals may include insomnia, depression, vivid nightmares, drug cravings, fatigue, hunger, somnolence and anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure).

How Long Concerta 54mg Affects Your System

The same active ingredient in Concerta, methylphenidate, is also found in Ritalin, Focalin XR but it is formulated for time-release so it only needs to be taken once per day. The therapeutic effects last for 12 hours.

Usually, it is taken once a day before breakfast. It releases some of the medication immediately as the outer layer of the tablet dissolves. Then the medication is released gradually from the rest of the tablet, although the shell of the capsule will pass intact into the stool.

However, if the capsule is crushed and then ingested, snorted, or injected, all of the medication is delivered at once and this higher immediate dosage can lead to greater risk of side effects and interactions with other medications. These include raising the blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, with decreased sleep and appetite. Abuse also has a serious risk of addiction.

There are many prescription drugs and nutritional supplements that can interact with Concerta, producing more effects in the body or reducing the effects of Concerta. Discuss any medications and supplements with your doctor. While you are taking this drugs, don’t stop or start any medications or supplements without discussing them with your doctor as he may consider changing your dosage accordingly.

Concerta addiction is more likely to happen with individuals who have a history of substance misuse. It should not be administered to patients with a history of alcoholism or drug dependence. The longer and more frequently an individual uses Concerta, the higher the potential for misuse. In cases of severe Concerta misuse, psychotic episodes can occur. As addiction worsens, the patient may experience sleep deprivation, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting. Without the ability to rest and recuperate properly, cravings for Concerta can become more severe.Personal and professional relationships may be strained as the patient becomes increasingly irritable. Anxiety and depression may occur. Symptoms should be reported to the prescribing doctor as they evolve. It may be necessary to discontinue use of this drugs as symptoms become unmanageable. Upon the initial onset of addictive symptoms, the doctor may try tapering back the dose for a month to see how the patient responds. If only negligible improvements occur, use will likely be halted. Contact us to have more information about this drugs.



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